Mastectomy Talk

Lets talk Mastectomys. Life can feel very different after having a Mastectomy but luckily with the new technology available today you are able to feel and do things like you normally would. The new breast prosthesis offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes and weights to closely match your remaining breast or, with a bilateral mastectomy, allow you to pick the size you've always wanted. There are also breast forms that can be used when exercising and swimming to be able to continue activities as you normally would. Did you know that the Federal Government actually covers the cost of a breast prosthesis up to $400 for each breast every two years for the rest of your life! And many private health funds cover the cost of post-mastectomy bras so you dont have to worry about the costs associated. At Bras in Paradise we offer professional prosthesis and bra fittings to assist you in finding bras, prosthesis and swimwear that fits, matches and makes you feel amazing.  

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